Hello! I’m Catarina Gutierrez. I’m a speaker, marketer and advocate in the bicycle industry. Welcome to my website!



I’ve had over 10 years experience working as a marketing consultant and writer for social enterprises and startups all over the globe. Cycling has always been a passion of mine. I’m an urbanist, digital marketer, public speaker, and prominent advocate of cycling in New Zealand. I dedicate my time to getting more people on bikes and helping them find the joy in riding.

I’ve spoken at conferences such as Bike!Bike! Detroit 2016 and Cycling Action Network Conference 2017 on topics such as inclusivity and gender bias, event organising, digital marketing strategies, and post-disaster urban regeneration. I facilitate workshops on maintenance and repairs and host rides to promote social riding as a way to connect with others. I’ve found ways to engage with people both on and offline to increase participation in cycling across New Zealand.